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Original Soundtracks 1

Original Soundtracks 1

Noviembre 1995

Producido por Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno
© Island Records Ltd.

1. United Colors
2. Slug
3. Your Blue Room
4. Always Forever Now
5. A Different Kind Of Blue
6. Beach Sequence
7. Miss Sarajevo
8. Ito Okashi
9. One Minute Warning
10. Corpse (These Chains Are Way TooLong)
11. Elvis Ate America
12. Plot 180
13. Theme From The Swan
14. Theme From Let's Go Native

 United Colors 
(Adam, The Edge)

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(Adam, The Edge)

Don't want to lose my shirt
Don't want to dig the dirt
Don't want you to get hurt
Can't help it, I'm a flirt
Don't want to take your drugs
Don't want to be your slug
Don't want to overdress
Don't want to make a mess
Don't want you to confess
Not under duress
Don't want to be untrue 
I want to be with you
Don't want to lose my nerve
Don't want to clothe the curve
Don't want to make you swerve
Don't want what I deserve
Don't want to change the frame
Don't want to feel your pain
Don't want to stay the same

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Your Blue Room
(Adam, The Edge)

It's time to go again to your blue room
Got some questions to ask of you in your blue room
The air is clean, your skin is clear
I've had enough fun hanging 'round here
It's a different kind of conversation, your blue room

Saw me coming in outside
Saw me coming somewhere I can hide

And time is a string of pearls...your blue room
See the future just hanging there...your blue room
A new frame, a new perspective
Looking down on my objectives
Your instructions whatever their directions...your blue room

Saw me coming, east by the moon
Saw me coming, can you feel

One day I'll be back, your blue room
Yeah, I hope I remember where it's at, your blue room
We see me slide.....won't you give me a much for change

Zooming in, zooming out, nothing I can't do without
A lense to it all up close, magnifying what no one knows
Never in company, never alone, no car alarm, no cellular phone

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Always Forever Now

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A Different Kind Of Blue

Those cars, all new, so small down there
From here, so high, we drift, we fly
The twilight breaking through a different kind of blue
More lights, blue signs, more gold, more new
So small, so high, down there, tonight
With the twilight breaking through, it's a different kind of blue

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Beach Sequence

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Miss Sarajevo
(Adam, The Edge)

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Ito Okashi
(Adam, The Edge)

Utsukushiki mononi tuite katarimasho
Chikyujono anatano sugu chikakuno
Omomukino arumononi tuite
Muneno kodoo takameru monomo yoni
Kito narikaa ito akashi

(let's talk about something beautiful)
(on the face of this earth, something very close to you)
(about something that is tasteful)
(like something that makes the heart beat faster)
(certainly something is very interesting/pleasant)

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One Minute Warning
(Bono, Adam, The Edge)

A lonesome soul in an old black boat
What a way to go, chasing through the strings to hold
In an old black coat, a lonesome soul, a lonesome soul
A lonesome soul

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Corpse (These Chains Are Way TooLong)
(Adam, The Edge)

Hey, see you soon
Sail through your room
I'll meet you there

Hey, be my friend
Stay till the end
Don't walk away
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Hey, take 'em off
Don't talk that way                                                  
Don't feel my lover say
Hey, hey, hey

Chains move that thing
Chains we can see
My chains way too long
Chains in this
Chains move that thing
Chains we could see
My chains way too long
I hear my song
Hear my song

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Elvis Ate America
(Bono, Brian Eno, Howie B)

White trash
The Memphis flash
Didn't smoke hash
Would've been a sissy without Johnny Cash
Didn't dodge the draft
Had his own aircraft
Having a laugh
On the Lisa Marie in a colour photograph
Under the hood
With Cadillac blood
Darling bud
Flowered and returned to the Mississippi mud
Ain't gonna rot
In a Memphis plot
He didn't hear the shot
And Dr. King died just across the lot from...
Vanilla ice cream
Girls of 14
The Memphis spleen
Shooting TV's reading Corinthians 13
With GOD on His kness
Owned 3 TVs
Here come the killer bees
Head full of honey, potato chips and cheese
The bumper stickers
The white kickers
The white nigger
Ate at king burger and just kept getting bigger
Sang to win
The battle hymn
The battle to be slim
Elvis ate America before America ate him
The public enemy
Don't mean a shit to Chuck D
Changed the center of gravity
Made it slippy
The pelvis
The psalmist
The genius
Forgive us
Pray for us

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Plot 180
(U2 y Brian Eno)

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Theme From The Swan
(Brian Eno, Adam, The Edge)

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Theme From Let's Go Native
(U2 y Brian Eno)

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