The Anonymous


As we step across the threshold of a new millenium the anonymous would like to carry on stepping on the ears of friends and family- who after listening to us mysteriously decide not to be so anymore. We are not only a music group, we are an X file, wherever we play we no longer return. The group was formed in 1995- year in which, in a beautiful village of Badajoz (Spain) called Almendral, we were violently stoned. Of course we're not going back there- at least not until the dustbins full of rocks that are lined up against the wall in our honour are taken away.

New gigs, new places, new people... the road has been our only friend in these years of gipsy life. We've played all over the south of Spain (including a tour with a spanish radio station called cadena 100, after which the presenter was sacked) and in England (London, Manchester, Liverpool, Lancaster, Barrow, Grange-over-Sands, Milton Keynes...)

All in all, we've got about 50 gigs behind us and we've even been to a recording studio where we recorded a demo (availiable soon in mp3 format or on request via e-mail, it's not that large). If we were to do it again, it wouldn't be quite so good; because now we've walked the stage, but we've spent all our dough...

the anonymous are...

Mr. Proper

drums, guitar & chorus. 27 yrs, Badajoz (Spain)

More than the brain of the group Mr. Proper is the 'head', whether he's in front of or behind the drums. Outside the pub he's very esteemed. He studied piano and guitar in the conservatoire of Badajoz (please do not ask for certificates or information). Among his hobbies are gardening, tropical fish, eating, and anchoring himself in absurd and irrational theories concerning the Millenium that we've just left behind, or that we're about to leave behind, or what the bollocks do I care...?!?!


guitar, drums, violin & chorus. 27 yrs, Badajoz (Spain)

"El artista" has spent all his life playing in pubs, bars, festivals, fiestas, baptisms, weddings and funerals (and he still hasn't learnt...) and although his speciality is the violin and the guitar, since he joined the anonymous he's also decided to sing and sit behind the drums. He's also the whiskey-bringer, although he drinks lemon tea with honey. He studied guitar and violin in the conservatoire of Badajoz and has always been able to make a living out of music. In his free time he enjoyed working as a cattle inseminator until he was sacked for getting high on lemon tea with honey. He likes wearing men's clothing.

The prawn (a.k.a. The Queen Mother)

singer, flute & bass. 24 yrs, Manchester

"The Prawn", who's been living in Spain for a couple of years now, still runs when past the spanish immigrant offices just in case, he studied flute and Andalusian gipsy singing in the "Royal School of Music". He stamps his feet, claps his hands and screams "TOREADOR, TOREADOR" in the streets. He's as scandalous as the British Royal Family, he's loud-mouthed, and he sleeps in a molehill.

philosophy (the boring bit)

Throughout the last fifty years more and more importance has been given to the public image of an artist. The 'precooked' groups are proliferating and all too often the real musicians with a proper musical preparation are left out so that the big fat cooperative bastard can get together his own little family of boys and girls who do no more than show us their bellies, carry out some croony gestures that some choreographer (?) has shown them, and sing (although more often than not they can't even do that).

This technique, used to attract the attention of millions and millions of underdeveloped hormones became very popular among the multinational record labels quite a long time ago, but now even the independent labels are noticeably moving towards the tendency to look after the public image of their groups... all for the sake of scrimping a few more pennies out of those little kids who still don't enjoy the capacity to reason. The public image is in almost everything we do; that we can understand, but when the image is more important then the actual product (like in politics or in advertising) what suffers most is the quality- in this case the quality of the music...

But right now you might be saying to yourself: "these blokes are just jealous, they can't accept the success that other artists have had..." or "they're just a couple of poor buggers who don't have what it takes and blame their failures on whoever they can"... ok... maybe... but we're not really interested in getting rich or famous through music; we're happy enough composing, doing the odd gig, and having a fucking good time.

Well that's all, as soon as we get this bloody Internet thing sorted out we'll have our own music on our very own site. And if anyone visits us it won't be thanks to our pretty faces, our rock-hard bellies, ridiculous gestures, or a multi-millionaire publicity campaign, because we're the anonymous...