Oh come on!
Lies, without sense
All they do is confuse
Fight, for your profit
You don´t care to abuse

You´re an empty brain
Trying to keep the line
Between reality and truth

But we´ll go
Our own away
We´ll fuck you insane

How do you dare tell me a lie
When i´m the one you despise
You are a shame to human race
So get the fuck out of my face
Ch-No more liex (x4)

Die, like a Bastard
You have no way out
Why, must we care
This is what life´s about

You search for an excuse
But you were born to lose
Can´t you hear our demands?

But we´re not the fools
We´ll break your fucking rules
Got the future in our hands

How do you dare...

No more lies - Am I clear?
No more lies - Shut your mouth
No more lies - Speak the truth

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