Set in Stone

There alive, die as I space you
That's where I cease the spell
The devil loves the pain
Certain victims breath the pain
Buried fears, weak the soul
No more to you, You're Set In Stone
Bow at your feeds and thoughts
Cold winter, freezing solid with your fights fooling where
Hears voices say
Tall toys gone
Fell aside with heaps of fear
Dreaded calls springs in year
One attacks himself from them
Feel your own spirit say
Timeout your life
What wrong? You're wrong
Set In Stone
Set In Stone
Strike of thirst, in hell it's sought
By devil we bought
Heaps of pain, tool of war
Towards my painful ever song
Set In Stone
Set In Stone
Set In Stone
Set In Stone
Over by the trees behind
Set in ourselves we find
Power builds, (why/where) it hurts *****

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