Question - Sean - Why now? Is it the money?[ I'm sure you all have enough ] and what about Blaze.Glad as I am to see Bruce and Adrian back it all seems a bit cynical after all the bad blood that was spilt after Bruce left.
Answer - Janick: It seemed like the right thing to do - Blaze is going to do a solo album and will do a tour before Christmas. We wish him all the best...

Question - BoogieMan - Do you think to play Italy during this summer?
Answer - Dave: Hopefully yes

Question - Buggyman - will you guys come to montreal this summer or only next year?
Answer - Bruce: One or the other!

Question - Maiden Mad Matt - Is it true that your only doing one more world tour?
Answer - Bruce: no were doing a tour this year and also a mega one next the way, whoever is saying that were only doing this for the cash is qiuetly out of his mind! Sorry about the shit typing...ive been down the pub cant you tell....

Question - Prowler - Bruce, you will sing songs from X Factor and Virtual XI on tour?
Answer - Bruce: well the plan for songs is that we will be playing a set this summer which is voted for by IM fans worldwide when the Ed Hunter PC game is released in May you will see that there is a cd which contains all the songs voted for on the internet by fans. there are some of Blazes tracks in there, and I shall be proud to sing them.

Question - Jackals - Will Bruce and Adrian continue with Bruce Dickinson`s Band as a paralel project?
Question - + loads of questions to Bruce answered in one go!
Answer - bruce: I always love a drink in sweden matey....yes we will be palying monstrous fucking palces in the us with a huge stage show .......AND as for my solo stuff and Adrians involvement.....I have no palns to abandon my solo stuff. In fact all the guys in Maiden see no problem with my continuing to make solo records. actually I can probably make them even wierder from now on to satisfy your sick appetites hehe hehe heh!!!

Question - The Dragon - Bruce, how do you feel being the only mate with short hair?
Answer - bruce: The hair? who cares? Revelations umm dont think so this tour......eddie dolls...would you give one to your sister? 3 guitars will not clutter up a stage... but will make a beautiful fucking noise.

Question - The Drifter - Do you think three guitars will clutter the sound on stage? Answer - Janick: I don't think so! Do you?

Question - Tristram - Are they're any plans to make "EDDIE" dolls or figures???
Answer - Janick: We won't be making any Eddie dolls - but we might be putting out a 'Rod Smallwood' figure!!

Answer - Janick - I should bloody hope so...

Question - VicVella - What about the "old" guitar solos???? 3 guitar, 2 solos
Answer - Janick: We're going to use lots of different textures. Because there's more guitarists, there'll be more solos!!

Question - Ironcross - Australia is never part of world tours for most bands. Since we are part of the world can we expect a maiden tour here? We haven't seen you guys since 92!
Answer - Janick: We always try to play Austraila, but circumstances in the past have prevented it. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a visit in the Millenium

Question - !MichaelC - Janick, will having Adrian back unleash you in anyway?
Answer - Janick: I don't know about unleashed - I think it'll 'unhinge' me!!!

Question - CANUCK - I don't know if this is getting to you, but I just wanna know if you guys have Vancouver, Canada on your tour list. YOU GOTTA ROCK VANCOUVER!! UP THE IRONS!!
Answer - Janick: Canada's definitely on our list. We'll definitely be there soon.

Question - Valerian - You ever thought of bringing a stripper on stage before the show?
Answer - Janick: Yeah - but we can never get her out of the dressing room...

Question - BurnHard - Do you already know where and when the first concert will take place???
Answer - Rod: Yes. Thanks.

Question - that Bruce leftChris - How come because he thought that he had brought the band far enough and then returns together with Adrian?
Answer - Bruce and Adrian: Because we now know we haven't. PS: Do you want us to leave?

Question - McRose - How much South América has to wait for you
Answer - Rod: The band will be the MONSTERS in South America in 2000 - I guarantee it...

Question - marco - is Rod (Smallwallet) also there???
Answer - Rod: That's an easy one - Yes! Of course!

Question - alienaly - its not a question it's a beg: Please come to Mexico soon. I don't fuckin care when but come please
Answer - Rod: We WILL be in Mexico but it can't be until 2000 - sorry. But 2000 is a promise. Call Bruce Moran.

Question - Rod - Adrian, advanced HAPPY B-DAY !
Answer - Rod & Adrian: Thanks!!!

Question - Jackie Brown - Rod, when is your turn to do the lead vocals on a Maiden album?
Answer - Janick: We'd love him to, but he's very shy...

Question - Bolla - Bruce will use short hairs on the stage?
Answer - Janick: Probably - you got a problem with that?

Question - maurice - do you guys have a good contact besides iron maiden and do you to visit each other .
Answer - Janick: Bruce and I live on opposite sides of the road to each other, so we tend to meet up for a snifter in our local pubs. Dave lives in Hawaii, Nico is in Florida, Steve lives out in Harlow and Adrian lives in Denham - it's difficult to walk back from the pub there...

Question - Jackals - Janick, now that Adrian is back and you don`t have to play guitar the whole time, what can we expect from your live performances?
Answer - Janick: In my spare time I'll have a bit of a dance, or maybe a sing song, or maybe a beer - who knows?

Question - berle - Will your shows on the upcoming tour be as "theatrical" as the shows of the 80s?
Answer - Janick: We plan to have a VERY special stage show for the new tour.

Question - andreas - will you use less keyboards now when you have three guitars??
Question - andreas - will you use less keyboards now when you have three guitars??
Answer - Janick: Dunno.

Question - Mouhelo - KISS will have some sort of 3D shows or whatever (don't really care) but how are you going to top that? :)
Answer - Janick: We are in 3D!

Question - Madke - I want to see in the shows a mix of World Slavery Tour and Fear Of The Dark tour, the 2 best tours!!!!
Answer - Janick: Hopefully, it'll be a mixture of the best of all the tours rolled into one.

Question - Rod-Brazil - Janick,i¦ve taken three different pictures with you ,in 3 different days and in all pics you wrapped an arm around my head and pretended to punch me.Do you hate me that much?? You rock and you¦re a real nice bloke !
Answer - Janick: Cheersmate - but I'll have you next time...

Question - phantom - janick: wie gehts auf ungarn!!!! viel gluck!!!!
Answer - Janick: Eh?

Question - berle - Okay, somebody be honest. Whose idea was "Women in Uniform"?
Answer - Adrian: I don't know - but we like it...

Question - Spock 19's Associate - Is the band still friends with Paul D'ianno? Do you keep in touch with him?
Answer - Janick: I haven't seen Paul for a while, but we are still good friends. I did some work with him a while ago, and I'm sure the rest of the guys see him occasionally - we wish him all the best.

Question - Keithy - Do you listen to up and coming bands like the Manics?
Answer - Janick: I like the Manic Street Preachers ...

Question - MichaelC - Do you guys still keep in touch with Clive Burr? What is he doing these days?
Answer - Dave: Yeah - I think he's in a band called Preying Mantis.

Question - Rod-Brazil - What about Blaze Janick ?
Answer - Janick: Blaze is currently putting a band together, and should have an single, album and tour hopefully before Christmas. Everyone in the band wishes him all the best...

Question - nomore - Is this the end of the interview?
Answer - Janick: Yeah - everyone's gone down the pub. If you have any questions go to the links page on our web site:

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