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Carátula Contraportada

Produced by:Andrew Jackson & Bob EzrinTime:58:44Type:L.P.

  1. Derivas
  2. ¡Rueda, Fortuna!
  3. Deshacer El Mundo
  4. Iberia Sumergida
  5. Avalancha Ver tabs
  6. En Brazos de la Fiebre
  7. Para Siempre
  8. La Chispa Adecuada (Bendecida 3)
  9. Días de Borrasca (Víspera de Resplandores)
  10. Morir Todavía
  11. Opio
  12. La Espuma de Venus

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Transcribed by Sascha M. Busch (http://pbhrzx.uni-paderborn.de:8080/~e91794/)
avalanche (1995) - songs: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  1. drifts


  2. spin, wheel of fortune!

    tell me, is it possible that all time in
    the future will not be better?
    who manipulates the hope for self-
    and I forbid the prestidigitation of
    the strange illusions of
    the forces which surround us,
    I offer no resistance
    how many million years
    did it take to form these heartbeats
    we are on?
    at which pint do the incredible
    and the exact coincide?
    experience is evidence and the
    questions are my fortress
    the day-to-day isn't real,
    at least I wish it wasn't...

    spin, wheel of fortune!
    spin, wheel of fortune!
    spin, spin, wheel of fortune!

    against untimely furies
    that turn us into monsters

    who puts us face to face with the
    tick-tock and chance?
    close to the loophole of the impossible,
    the unpredictable and providential.
    the future lasts too long and time
    will be a fashion
    nothing is like it was,
    at least I wish it wasn't...



  3. unmake the world

    start just because
    and finish don't know when
    blue gives me sky
    and the iris the changes
    the heavenly bodies are no further
    away than the men I deal with
    I repeat the other voices
    which feel like my own
    and they enclose my body
    with murmur of rough seas

    I told you not to look back
    because the sky doesn't belong
    you, and we have to start slowly
    to unmake the world

    the breath of the earth
    and its peaceful calm
    the shadow of twilight
    that is a shaking hand
    the music reveals secrets
    which are now inside me
    in the end and after all
    we're not so different
    an oasis in the desert
    where patience is left


    put me out of reach
    of a universal yawn
    we'll see each other in exile
    or in a prison cell
    put me out of the comfort
    of my personal history
    I am a predatory bird:
    look at my wings!

    CHORUS * 2

  4. Iberia submerged

    I awoke with tightly
    clenched fists
    and the insolent rage
    of my youth
    ingenuousness absolves us
    from our mistakes
    and allows everyone to contribute
    what they know
    they made you bread
    and there we consumed you
    vengeance is a useless
    piece of junk

    this is my place
    and this is my thorn
    Iberia submerged
    in these clandestine rumours * 2

    you formulate questions
    with a seed of an answer
    and I know your way
    by heart
    I do not believe in the rationality
    and the proprietary embrace,
    without an exit
    now that you suffer from insomnia
    you would like to die from 'siesta'

    CHORUS * 2

  5. avalanche

    madness never had a teacher
    for those who row without
    a perpetual course
    taking any other direction
    so that we don't tame the horses of
    routine shadows the pupils of the
    eyes which are closed to the joys
    which are left to us

    avalanche * 4

    we need the precious time
    which you abandon without knowing
    what the fuck to do with it
    we are the food
    and someone out there is
    truly hungry
    there is no return to consciousness
    after the delirium of
    stormy love


    there are still things to do
    and without movement
    you brace yourself
    there are still things to say
    and you don't speak...

    madness never had a teacher
    for those who row without
    a perpetual course
    death will be the ornament which I
    will place upon the gift of my life
    the moon exercises strange
    influences which contradict
    themselves and there's no one to

    CHORUS * 2

  6. in the arms of fever

    with the arms of fever
    that still embrace my forehead
    I've had a better thought
    and I'll untie
    the snakes of vanity.
    to listen is paradise
    and fear is a thief
    from whom I keep no regrets
    the pain
    is a rehersal of death

    and in the film of a drop
    my wings get broken
    and amongst other things
    they don't write with illuminating ink

    paradise becomes hell
    and then complains
    and who is doing
    anything about it? * 2

    born in ruins
    of my tastebuds
    the nonsense of chaos
    defeated me
    with words of praise



  7. forever

    you don't have to impress me
    nor follow my way
    I'm going to alight here
    on the edge of the present
    where the man chokes
    writes his last will in
    black chilli
    the grief of being with you
    is the alchemy of my poison

    defeat is not an option and
    there are no excuses
    and forever seems like a long time
    to me

    forever, nothing is
    forever * 2

    the influence of the anger
    and the impulse of the tongue
    I don't have all my life
    and yet there are still boxes which
    hold surprises


    I will come with a bitter mouth
    and a defeated heart...

    CHORUS * 2

  8. the right spark
    (blessed 3)

    the words were wasps
    and the streets were like dunes
    and I'm expecting your arrival...
    in a coffin I guard your touch,
    a crown,
    with your hair tangled
    wishing to find an
    infinite rainbow
    my hands that are still bones
    and your belly that tastes like bread
    the cathedral is your body...
    your were summer and a thousand
    torments, me a lion
    who smiles at the walls
    which I've repainted in the same

    I can't distinguish between kisses
    and putting down roots
    I can't distinguish between the
    complex and the simple
    and you are now on my list of
    promises to forget
    everything burns if you use the right

    the fire that was sometimes your
    own, but the ashes were always
    white sperm sliding through the
    we are already much older and more
    honest, but so what?
    if we look upon the lagoon that is
    called eternal absence


  9. stormy days
    (eye of splendour)

    the innocent get lynched
    to the rhythm of calumny
    in the odyssey of rancour, the great
    and the shrouded man, the shrouded
    in the sure, sure shelter
    of loneliness
    the crown is achieved
    after victory
    that will not be the story of my
    pleasure is an abyss, the orgasm a
    against the false farce
    of control
    of older people

    as if that moment
    could be the first
    of the rest of our lives
    stormy days,
    eve of splendour

    when the future is improbable
    and to think is not enough
    and when that which in theory
    cannot be,
    has happened...


    CHORUS * 2

  10. dying yet

    the smallest thing is a mystery
    and the sacred so simple
    the weeping of the nopales
    behind the hussar of death
    when the coyote knocked on
    your door
    howling unwelcome notes
    the shadows snatched away
    the dreams of the just

    CHORUS 1
    you can't shut away the sun
    under a bell
    you can't delay
    the appointed hour

    one of these days
    could be your last battle
    and we, the larvae, grow up,
    and we are not able to fit through
    the lock
    the heart going through a tunnel
    dark as a wreck
    dying yet and not after
    searching without a remedy

    CHORUS 1

    CHORUS 2
    the labyrinth of the dream
    where the demons of memory
    are lost

    CHORUS 1

    CHORUS 2 * 2

    1 dedicated to Rafael and to Martin and to Miguel / 2 Mexican cactus

  11. opium

    opium is the flower of laziness,
    until I become only existence
    the smoke of milk, like lowing cattle,
    spreading the flavour of the universe
    the one who does nothing fears
    and from the terrestrial you will
    know the heavens
    a dark entitlement to what is
    delightful, will be a dream or a lie

    the most trivial things become
    eliminating patterns of chance
    as if the wind is stirred without
    listen to my song's disclosures

    VERSE 1
    huddled in a lair
    like a besieged animal
    worn out by tiredness
    and the weight of my eyelids


    splinters of air
    indecipherable arcanum
    in my garden of delights
    I belong to the breeze
    inhale the fog
    that floats in the Ganges
    the oil of incense
    will be our consolation

  12. Venus foam

    off guard, close to my lips
    harvest mouth
    carnation breasts
    curves of honey
    corner of voices
    and knives of saliva
    I swam naked on your swell
    now that the boat is sinking and only you can save me
    and you doubt my doubts
    my rituals
    my ruins
    between always and never
    I swam naked on your swell
    the foam of Venus
    the slender fruits
    that wanted to milk
    the dowser searching for water

    fiction is and will be
    my own reality * 2

    artists of sin
    I learned by heart
    the geography of your sugar
    and steel
    Venus foam
    I swam naked on your swell
    immaterial perfume
    shelter and beginning
    the vertical howling
    as an answer to your prodigies


    with the unworn disguise
    of diving into the ephemeral
    fiction is and will be
    the only reality

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©1997 Rafael González-Ripoll Giménez

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