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Carátula Homestead Records, 1989

Este es el álbum con el que la mayoría conocimos a los Frogs. Este album contiene casi exclusivamente material de contenido gay, incluyendo algunos clásicos como "Homos" y "I've Got Drugs (Out of the Mist)". Completamente acústico y auto-producido por la banda, este album siempre será una obra maestra del folk.

  1. i've got drugs (out of the mist)
  2. i don't care if u disrespect me (just so you love me)
  3. hot cock annie
  4. these are the finest queen boys (i've ever seen)
  5. rosy jack world
  6. someone's pinning me to the ground
  7. baby greaser george
  8. (thank god i died in) the car crash
  9. gather 'round for savoir #2
  10. richard dick richards
  11. men (come on men)
  12. dykes we are
  13. been a month since i had a man
  14. homos

[RockMusic] [The Frogs]

i've got drugs (out of the mist)

i've done drugs that would blow your mind
tonight real fine
tonight blow your mind
tonight out of my mind
tonight goin' out of my mind

tonight out of my mind
tonight blow you blind

i've got a suitcase full of drugs
i can turn you on
would you like to come along?
(i'd like t' come along)

i've got got drugs (where ya goin' man)
i've got drugs (can i come wherever it is man)
i've got drugs (i'll do your dope)
i've got blues (i'll be a dope man)

out of the mist there's a pimp (out of the misty moon)
out of the mist there's a hooker (coppin' tit)
out of the mist there's a priest (from a man with a joint in his hand)
out of the mist (i kissed you beautiful)

out of the mist
how could i miss you with your drugs
out of the mist
how could i miss you with your druggy ways (fuck off)
out of the mist (out of the misty world i spun my dreams)
out of the mist
out of the mist (i pissed on gordon lightfoot twice)
i kissed your lovely drug-filled lips

you sleazy prostitute
where's your pimp friend? (gimme your fuckin' can a 'ludes turn 'em over whore)
where's your pimp friend and your priest?
as he stood there and lectured me (on his yeast infection)
on how i should live about (fuckin' priest with a yeast infection)
a drug problem that never existed

out of the mist
i kissed your drug-filled lips

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

i don't care if u disrespect me (just so you love me)

that was a good drum break
i feel like makin' love to all the men tonight

yeah yeah
it's a beautiful night
makin' love to every guy in sight
yeah yeah
it's a beautiful night
yeah a night

lotta cute guys in the club tonight (you're not joking)
lotta juicy asses hangin' out

what's your name (like i told you before)
as i've said so many times before
i don't wanna play no games
don't wanna play no games with you tonight

but i tend to be a loner
so when you get up in the morning
i may not be there

i don't care if you disrespect me
just so you love me

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

hot cock annie

tropical love with the boys men
animals just can't cut it no more
tan, everyone's tan, everyone's good
lyin' on the beach, they knew they would
feels so good in japan

being oiled down by furry young men
beautiful time i can't remember when i've been so hard
oh how ya doin' sailor? just got into port, fine
do you know where i can get my rocks off?
no i don't, do you know where i can buy
a fresh pair of sicks?
i thought you were gonna ask me about hot cock

hot cock annie here she comes
nobody cares about her
she's the one with the cock and the vagina combined
get her from behind
hot cock annie

here comes big fat george
look at that butt
look at him gorge away
all the boys play with his butt

rammin' 'em up and down
this is a crazy faggy town we live in
ahhh it doesn't matter to me
i've changed my ways
people say i'm gay

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

these are the finest queen boys (i've ever seen)

start by kissing my ass
i'll start by rubbing your balls
we'll have a jammy time
together one and all

what will we do
later on when the butter runs out
you'll probably scream and shout
here comes the watermelon seed
up my snoot snout
and that's your asshole
your snoot snout
i'll put it through your eye socket
young man
i'm the first man you've had
don't tell me about loving women
i don't want to know about it

this is our world men make sure of it
we'll do with each other what we want so...

valvoline and vaseline
and all the things in between
oh don't scrub yourself up
i like you unclean
here comes jimmy jam joe
and there goes sally marie
these are the finest queen boys i've ever seen
i even prefer then to my regular brand of sheep

sally jim john and jimmy joe blow
there they go
oh who will finish first?
no one knows
no one knows

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

rosy jack world

oh come on
on come on

rosy jack's world
you'll find the boys and girls 'round here
uh huh yeah yeah
rosy jack world, everybody's in tears
don't know why
i gave 'em all the love i got inside
don't know why
don't know why
they get all of my love

rosy jack world, come along
we're gonna sing such a happy song
downstairs in the barn
come on kids, join along

this is our world kids
have fun while u can
ah your mother didn't know
where u were when i found u
sorry 'bout that
oh child don't cry again
'cause rosy jack world is a place where u belong friend

oh child, child, child don't cry
child, child i'll tell you why
rosy jack man is down your pants

rosy jack world
oh rosy jack world
oh rosy jack world
i'm your squirrel man

don't u know about
rosy jack world
rosy jack world
he's an evil man

painted up clown and you're evil as hell
oh why don't u find yourself
a boy down inside
the wishing well
wishing well

oh rosy jack world
rosy jack world
oh you like the boys more than the girls
in your rosy jack world

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

someone's pinning me to the ground

oh yeah
someone's pinning me to the ground
i can't move, i can't hear a sound
oh i, i can almost hear my heart beat
oh beat me
like you know how
i can almost
i can almost cum in your mouth

it's been a long drive home
i may never get there safely
no matter what they say
i'll never go back to the navy

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

baby greaser george

i'm greatful
that the stroller came my way today
oh mrs. macrae driving the stroller
and look who's inside
ah don't hide
baby greaser george

oh i got too close to the stroller
and put my thing down his mouth
and he parted his teeth
baby teeth
north and south brilliantly
like greaser george

baby greaser george
took off with my left ball
ah mother took off with the stroller too soon
and he swallowed it whole
ehh did i ever tell you what greaser george was dressed in that day?

greaser george he had on a leather outfit
phh 3 months or so
but boy could he ever suck

greaser george
greaser george
the 3 month old baby
greaser george

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

(thank god i died in) the car crash

hello, how are you
i'm fine
i made it home ok
i'm glad you were concerned

my face didn't get too badly burned
in the car crash
but my thighs were lacerated heavily
the doctor took care of that though
thank god it wasn't a female nurse
thank god i died in the crash
my ghost came to haunt you in a flash

oh the ghost of the man
from the candyland car crash
oh the sash is falling down upon his breast
oh he did his best to breathe
but he just couldn't
oh they sucked on his lips
'til his head turned blue
then his ears turned purple
and the sun turned green
and the light went out of the moon

car crash blues
arriving dead at the morgue in the nude
cold morning hours
oh i didn't wear my best clothes to my death
oh what will they think at the parlor at best
what will they think
when they found i had 9 pairs of underwear on

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

gather 'round for savoir #2

i'm thinking of a bird i love
and everytime i think the bees gather around me
and children start to play at my feet
and the tangerine rabbits play too
and the woods are filled with children laughing

laughing amongst themselves as if it's some joke
known only to themselves
but they're laughing because they've gone
they've gone to their last church, mass
they've given up on church
because they've found something else
i'm here for the kids

oh kids disposing of bibles near my feet
oh parents gather in a rage
oh oh i took up this life
when i was half their age

ah kids singin' like they know
what they're singin' about
kids following my words
screaming, scream and shouting about

the way my eyes look
there's a certain gleam
that is unlike that of any parent
oh a gleam they know and love

the kids need not worry when they're with me
oh drop your bibles kids and gather 'round
ah listen to the sound
and listen to what you've always known
to what you've always been
to what you will always see
and gather 'round for savior #2

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

richard dick richards

oh richard dick richards
i love the shirts you wear
when you cum in your underwear

richard dick richards
you've had your share of heartaches
not with the girls
oh they've thrown pearls at your feet
but you're better than the pearls

dressed in leather
clad in heat
you make all the teats swell
you may as well

richard dick richards
you make the boys swell as well as the girls
your fancy curls on your bulge
uh huh ho

there's no one like you

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

men (come on men)

my kind of town
my kind of gown to wear t' bed
oh town of gold
ohhh everyone here is too old for sex
we're listening to our music
on the bed

if you're a man, get over here
women clear out
no fucking doubt about it
men are right
to love me all night

once there was a woman
with a man
they held eden between the fingers of their hands
fuck that like i told you in the other story

come on men
oh come on men

oh don't be shy men
oh look me in the eye men

both of them were men

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

dykes we are

it may seem to other people
like we've come from outer space
but we're really just two
nurses on the staff
nurses on the staff

and now it's time for our break
we'll slip out back
and slip out of our clothes
and i'll shave your moustache off
and maybe you can check out my new tattoo

dykes are we
ahhh ecstacy (dykes out to lunch)
this is our land
this is our world but (dyke bitch...)
dykes are we (dyke bitch whorelette of love)
oh yeah

slipping dildo after dildo (dildo)
out of our mouths and pussies
and if you're lucky
maybe it's a friday
i'll suck your tits bitch

dykes are we (dyke bitchin'... rubber tit mama)
living ecstacyland tonight (slit bitch rubber tit mama)
dykes are we
ecstacy is ours in each other's arms

there's no chance we'll ever get aids
and by the way i'm a nurse
so if you ever want me to come to your aid
i mean come to your aid (cum, i'll cum)
you know damn well what i do on saturdays

dykes are we (dyke rubber slit dyke fucking tit)
saturdays are pussy sucking days (pussy sucking whore fucking bitching dyke woman you are)
dykes are we (dykes times three)
living in ecstacyland (times seven)
today (ohh... weiner woman)

dykes are we

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]

been a month since i had a man

been a month since i had a man
been a month since we had that dance
and you waved your flag at me
and i came running huh huh huh

been a month since i had a man
been a month since i had the sperm
taken out of my pants
the laundry worked wonders
the laundry is best for these things

been a month since i had a man
and somehow i give a damn
when i see you eyein' up other guys

well i talked to mother about it
i can talk to mother
well i talked to father about it
he says you're a faggot

been a month since i had a man
been a month since we did our dance
in my bedroom
and it's so cool without you

been a month since i had a man
'twas the finest romance
with a man
been a month since i had a man
been a month since i had a mannnn

[RockMusic] [The Frogs] [Pistas]


oh mom, was always wondering why i was into sports
oh mom, was always wondering why i was staying after school
i'm into sports mom and also i'm in the locker room with the boys
i'm in the shower and i drop the soap everytime

homos uh huh uh huh uh huh
homos no one knows a homo like us
we love homos

lesbians are cool
and straights are fools
lesbians rule their scene
but the homos are the coolest of the cools

homos uh huh uh huh uh huh

they never knock at my front door
they never ring on the phone
they always come through the window
through the back door
through the throat

homos uh huh uh huh uh huh

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