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Compañía:4 Alarm RecordsFecha:1999
Productor:The FrogsDuración:34:33Tipo:L.P.
    side a
  1. pay
  2. la da da da, la da da dee, la da da dum dum
  3. love me or die bitch
  4. evil arnold (w/the ugly name)
  5. is it right to kiss the boys
    (when you're a girl and not a boy?)
  6. one of them wore wings, the other did the painting
  7. golden showers
  8. dead pussy in the road w/mother's name on top

    side b

  9. u bastards
  10. (try out my new) sex doll baby!!!
  11. love in the sand
  12. für z muzic biz (10 years to waste)
  13. blonde & beautiful, beat-up (& the bitch was young)
  14. i'm back to women
  15. my show business days
  16. sailors board me now

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