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This music group from the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz (  Alava province ) - E.H. - SPAIN    ( VIEW MAP =>  < M A K E   C L I C K   H E R E  !> ) was founded in September '96 by Isi and Albert.

In January '98 , after some formation changes, the band was set as a trio ; Jesus , the guitarrist, joined the band. Now, the band is :

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 < J E S U S >

JESUS: GUITARS, PERCUSSION &                       CHORUS.


Their music style is hard to explain, since they mix power guitar rhythms, with Techno-Machine sound bases and hip-hop vocals. In their songs, you could hear a million of ' sound samples '  from many sources : some polemic words of Mr. Atutxa ( a basque politician ), conversation fragments from ' X-Files ' TV series, ' sound samples ' from movies or African tribe songs ...


In August '98 they started to make shows with another bands like Hard-Boiled, Latzen, Su Ta Gar and Ktulu, in the cities of Gernika, Salamanca, Bilbao, Plasencia or in their own city, Vitoria-Gasteiz. They took part in Festivals too, like the Trebiño Eguna '98 / Day of Trebiño '98; and they have reached the Final Stage in the Rock Competition ' Villa de Bilbao / Bilbao Village ' in March of 1.999.


The recording of their 1st. release consisted in two steps. Between February and March '98, they were recording at the Katanga Studios in Vitoria-Gasteiz what would be the percussion base sounds.

The second stage was finished between December '98 and January '99 in Bilbao city, where with the engineering and soundmixing of Carlos Creator producer; they recorded guitars, bass guitars & vocals.


Their lyrics are about many kind of topics : social critics, as heard in ' Dispersion ' or ' La justicia de mi machete / The Justice of my machete ' ; domestic violence against women in ' Dolor de hogar / Home   Pain '; against the obligatory militar service in ' En el peor hotel / At the worst hotel ' and many more where they where strange histories narrated at 1st. person, in ironical tone, like these : ' X-File ' , ' Instinto de supervivencia / Instict of survival ' or ' Amor cibernético / Cyber Love ' .

In May '99 was released their 1st. recording in CD format, titled ' METAL DANCE ' , with the ' KontraTodo / Against All ' Recording Company from Caceres (Spain). This record will content 11 vertiginous songs, and a CD-Rom track, with 5 themes im MP3 format and another one, with a MOV ( PC / MAC ) video, including computer animated images.


Their show, a 45 annihilation minutes of visual performance , where amazing TV images, computer animations and pirotechnic FX, is fusioned to their music on stage.


In October 2.000 , a DEMO CD was recorded with 4 songs , under the production of Carlos Creator. Two new songs ("Vieja Chismosa / Old Gossiping " and "El Furgón Blindado / Armoured Van ") and  a cover version of " Campo de Concentración / Concentration Camp ", original from the Spanish band, Barón Rojo / Red Baron . This cover version was recorded in two languages : Spanish and English. Very soon in MP3 !!!

In November 2.000 it was released a Demo MAXI-CD with these 4 new songs.

The band has created 2 new songs in January 2.001. The titles are: "Quimi-puestos / Chemical Drugged" and "Tú eres el diablo / You are the Devil". You can will hear them in live shows !!

The founder member Alberto has left the band in April 2.001. The band has decided to continue without him. Alberto only plays in concerts until a new bassist will join to the group.

At these moments, the group is making live shows; and they are creating a few new songs too, for their 2nd. incoming release...very soon !!





































































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